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What happened to

What happened to

Context is everything!

When you extend an invitation at, say a church bazaar, for intrepid adventurers to come with you on a hunting trip, you’d expect a few people to take up your offer. You’d also expect that all of them would have a reasonably good idea of the nature of the trip.

If, when at the AGM of your local hunting association, you asked who would like to come hunting with you, it would probably work out a lot better for you if you were standing behind a two meter high electric fence when you posed your question. Euphemistically, let’s just say you’d be oversubscribed. Everyone would have a fair idea of what they were signing up to.

Granted, some might imagine elephants, trophy’s, bows, handguns, etc. etc. but suffice to say, the slaying of animals would be the central tenet in everyone’s mind.

When however, you invite the internet to come hunting with with you, ALL bets are off. With the sheer volume of “adult content” on the internet, it’s a absolute no-brainer that many many thousands of people are gonna misunderstand your intentions.


Okay, okay, call me a putz. Idiot, fool, moron, what were you thinking, …  I’ve got no defence. I just didn’t see it coming from that angle.





Anyway, the long and the short of it is that we changed the name to f2h (Farmer to hunter) and from the general .com to the more specific and, thankfully, that was the very last time anyone “misunderstood” our intentions.


Although we are now known by a different name, our principles and value’s have not changed at all.


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