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Withuis Safaris

Withuis Safaris


Product Description

Where in the world are we?
Withuis Safaris is situated 65km west of  the historic diamond mining town of Kimberley, near the confluence of the Orange and Vaal Rivers in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

Our Semi-dessert landscape supports a wide variety of amazing African wildlife and plant species.

We typically enjoy clear skys year-round, and the unhindered view of the stars is a unforgettably beautiful experience.

In the summer, the days are hot and the nights are refreshingly cool.  Occasional thunderstorms grace the afternoon sky.

Winters are pleasant in the daylight hours, and quite chilly at night.  Perfect for your nightly bonfire.


Let the Hunt Begin!


Once you safely arrive at Withuis Safari’s you will be allowed to settle into your comfortable accommodation.  Guns will be sighted in, and an evening game drive will familiarize you with our terrain.  After a hearty home-cooked meal ( If arranged ), you can retire to your room, or enjoy the beautiful night sky by the open fire and have a soothing drink.

Each day, hunting will begin in the early morning hours, following coffee and a light snack.  Our expert hunting guides will accompany you on your quest for spectacular game.  A fabulous meal will be served in the open field at 11am (If arranged).  You will be allowed to return to your accommodation should you wish to rest during the heat of the day.  Hunting will resume mid afternoon, until dark when you will once again enjoy dinner (If arranged) and a campfire under the stars.

Tours and excursions into the historic diamond mining town of Kimberley, as well as other local attractions can be arranged at your request.