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Waqu Hunting

Waqu Hunting


Product Description

The reserve, a Natural Heritage Site, is a 3500 hectare expanse, originating amongst the hilltops of the Cathcart Mountains and ending in the lush plains of the Waku Valley.

The diverse array of antelope species thrive on the well adapted landscape, while methodical breeding methods ensure that phenomenal genetic progression is supported throughout the reserves stock. Extreme temperatures accompanied by prolific tick borne diseases, endows the reserves game with a remarkable ability to adapt and endure challenging conditions.


Benghoil Private Reserve’s meticulous breeding practises focus on acquiring exceptional bloodlines via sourcing of magnificent sires & impressive female stock. Key nutritional support results in the game’s exemplary physical condition while continual interaction produces calm, unstressed herds that can be effectively monitored.


Benghoil’s sable antelope are bred for optimal fertility & conformation, exquisite horn length & tip spread being only a by-product of the superior genetic selection.


Successful breeding of Cape & Addo Buffalo can be observed in the herds diverse genetic pool of Madikwe, East African, Kruger & Addo lines, together producing higher quality buffalo specimens.


Black impala, the first rare species established on the reserve, are flourishing under the ideal conditions of the Waqu Valley terrain.


Beyond the professional breeding systems established on the farm, Benghoil Private Reserve is passionately invested in preserving the biodiversity of this unique Natural Heritage Site, the proud custodians of a landscape that is flourishing and providing for future generations.


Hunting Safaris
The natural landscape infrastructure sets the tone for nothing less than a memorable & authentic hunting safari experience with over 20 species of antelope.


Both the Benghoil and Bushypark deluxe self-catering lodges are outfitted to indulge any guests with above average requirements and a memorable experience.