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Vlekpoort River Hunting

Vlekpoort River Hunting


Product Description

At Vlekpoort River Hunting we take pride in ensuring each and every single hunt and the build-up thereof is a memorable one by carefully selecting the older trophy’s with a bit of a history. What we refer to as a “LEGEND”. We do not hunt with a tape as we believe the ENTIRE SAFARI in itself will be truly special and something to remember.


Vlekpoort River Hunting is a well-established game farm in the Karoo in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and its focus has been on the Game and Hunting industry since 1984.

Vlekpoort River Hunting has established excellent facilities for the breeding of game as well as rare game on the property. From 1984, Vlekpoort River Hunting has focused on the conservation of wild animals and are fortunate enough to be breeding species such as Cape Buffalo, Sable Antelope, all colour variants of Springbuck (common, black, white & copper) as well as Golden Gnu.


It is due to the collapse of countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola and the stopping of hunting in Kenya that has placed a large amount of unnecessary pressure on the South African biodiversity. It is this opportunity that has granted itself to Vlekpoort River Hunting to preserve and manage game and especially rare game species in Southern Africa.