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Mellifera Hunting Safaris

Mellifera Hunting Safaris


Product Description

Welcome to Mellifera Hunting Safaris 

“Lest we not forget and show respect to the animals that we hunt…”

We trust that you will find the time to grace us with your presence in the not too distant future and to enjoy our hospitality.

Your host and hostess for the duration of your stay have been in the conservation/hunting business since 1979 when they started out as game rangers for the then Natal Parks Board.

Your hosts regard every outing into the veld (the wild) a privilege and a new experience. We will endeavour to make your hunt or stay with us a memorable experience and your journey will be rewarded with an unbelievable adventure. Upon returning home you will be relaxed and rejuvenated.

Mellifera Safaris is primarily a hunting destination – we believe hunting is a sport and a form of predation. Lest we not forget and show respect to the animals that we hunt.

Situated in the North West Province of South Africa 40 kilometers north west of the town of Vryburg, Mellifera offers the hunter an experience of the vast openness and abundance of game synonymous with this part of Africa.


African plains game abound, Blesbuck numbering over a thousand, Oryx (Gemsbok), Cape Eland, Red Hartebeest, Kudu, Impala and Giraffe. Hartmann Zebra, one of the few herds outside of Namibia, is to be found here. We are in the process of releasing Sable and Cape buffalo at Mellifera.


To sum up:

  • – Oryx (Gemsbok)
  • – Red Hartebees
  • – Blesbuck
  • – Kudu
  • – Impala
  • – Hartmann Zebra
  • – Cape Eland
  • – Giraffe


We assist with recovery. Basic skinning is done and cool room is available. No hunting vehicles provided.


“He who sleeps in a silver bed has golden dreams…”

Mellifera Lodge consists of 4 combined chalets fully equipped with bedding, towels and soap. Each chalet has a walk-in bathroom with either bath or shower and a flush toilet. Access is wheelchair friendly.

Each chalet can accommodate 2 people sharing – a total of 8 people – and a daily cleaning service is offered.

The location of the chalets – elevated to first floor level – ensures a scenic view of the plains and magnificent Kalahari sunsets.

To sum up:


– 4 Chalets (2 people each sharing)

– Linen/bedding provided

– Walk-in bathroom (shower/bath and toilet)

– Solar power (lights and water heating)

– Daily serviced

– Magnificent view




The  13,000 acre ranch “Mellifera” surrounds an extinct volcano. The ancient lava flows have created the ideal setting for the accommodation situated on the northern slopes.

Because of the proximity to the Kalahari, weather conditions are generally acceptable to anyone from any part of the world. Mellifera is also a malaria free area.