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Koonapnek Hunting

Koonapnek Hunting


Product Description

Come and experience the ultimate African hunting safari in the rugged beauty of the Eastern Cape, where the Fish River Valley provides a magnificent bushveld backdrop to the unspoiled wilderness.

Offering a spectacular hunting experience. Large open grasslands dotted with Euphorbia, Cabbage Trees, Spekboom, Acacias, Wild Olive and evergreen shrubs extend to the horizon.


The rolling hills provide a natural home to a wide variety of species, from the elusive Cape Bushbuck to the native Eastern Cape Kudu. The diversity of species living in this untamed habitat promises you the best Africa has to offer all on one safari.  Whether you are a veteran or a novice we guarantee you the type of ethical safari experience that legends are made of.


Our hunting lodges are located in the heart of the Fish River Bushveld, surrounded by evergreen thickets and valleys, which present a unique and ideal hunting experience.


8 double bungalows and the main lodge is equipped with a well-stocked bar, terrace, and spacious dining room and kitchen.


All hunting lodges are fully equipped with green energy from solar panels, flush latrines and hot and cold running water and all the necessary modern conveniences in the heart of the bush. The hunting lodges offer a tranquil and unique setting as they have been hand-built from local rock and thatch to ensure that they become one with their surrounding bushveld.


The main lodge is the perfect place to enjoy a sundowner from the well-stocked bar after an exhilarating hunting safari experience and ending it off on the balcony and admiring the breath-taking view across the valley with a blazing fire in the background.

We are also fully equipped with skinning and trophy handling facilities as well as refrigeration facilities.