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Goudfontein Hunting

Goudfontein Hunting


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Goudfontein (Fountain of Gold) is a 7000 ha (~17000 acres) farm in the Karoo area of the northern Eastern Cape Province near Middelburg, South Africa. The dramatic landscape provides refuge to a wide variety and large numbers of indigenous game, which roams freely accross Goudfontein and the neighbouring farms.

Hunters are therefore guaranteed success within a day or two of walking and stalking and it is not uncommon to shoot several different species within a few hours of hunting. A professional hunter is available if needed to ensure that the hunter is taken to areas where game is abundant and the hunter may experience his/her hunt in ultimate comfort or convenient simplicity, just as preferred.

The area available for hunting is not restricted to Goudfontein, but all surrounding farms, some of which game farms, others primarily used for farming with stock like sheep and cattle or agriculture. A total of 40000 ha (100 000 acres) are therefore available for hunting.


Goudfontein and the adjoining farms have the typical Karoo landscape with flat grass and bush coverd plains to gentle rolling hills, often with flat tops, but also high mountains with steep cliffs, which are often covered with snow during winter time.
While in summer the temperatures may be soring to more than 35°C it is generally cool during the day (15-20°) and very cold (below 0°C) at night in winter. Warm clothing is therefore recommended for most of the hunting season.

For hunting in the mountains the hunter should be reasonably fit as sometimes long distances over mountains have to be covered to reach valleys rich in game. The carrying of water is also a necessity, particularly during the summer months. Rugged shoes and a hat is always recommended

During winter it can become extremely windy, which makes the stalking and shooting of game difficult. During that period animals become very wary and run on first sight. Hunters may therefore also consider using rifles without scopes or low power scopes.


Goudfontein provides excellent accommodation, catering, vehicles, cooling and slaughtering facilities. After a day in the field the hunter may enjoy a sundowner in the bomas (enclosed fireplace with seating in the open), while the animals are professionally slaughtered to clients requirements and carcasses stored for cooling. Trophies can be prepared for the taxidermist, if required. A small shooting range is available for rifle and scope calibration.

Accommodation consists out of two lodges. The one lodge consists out of two bathrooms, two bedrooms (3 beds each), a fully equipped kitchen and a living area with a fire place. the second lodge which can accommodate 2 people consists out of a bedroom, fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom. Adjacent to both lodges you will find a boma for nice evening braais. The bedrooms are decorated with warm earthly colors. Bedding and towels are provided.

From the lodges there are several hiking trails into the mountains from which one can enjoy breathtaking views and watch the verreaux’s eagle soaring overhead.

As the area is very mountainous a 4×4 vehicle is absolutely essential to reach some of the hunting areas. The hunter may use his own vehicle and experience some challenging driving or a vehicle with driver will be provided at an extra fee.



Code of Conduct:

In profound acknowledgement to the Almighty, Creator of all life and with sincere appreciation
for the universe in the sublime totality thereof, I hereby pledge myself as a hunter to:

  • obey all written and unwritten hunting regulations and practices, and to take nothing from nature which I am not entitled to;
  • hunt with compassion and to utilise from nature with utmost discretion;
  • actively conserve and promote with love and respect, fauna and flora, soil and water and the life it represents;
  • employ my firearms with skill and consideration, and with understanding for the value of life; and
  • to hunt with humility, to respect my fellow hunter and to enhance the sport of hunting.


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