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Product Description

The sun will warm your soul
Situated in the wide expanse of the Gariep Karoo, Gariep Eco Reserve comprises the best of the South African heartland. Bright stars at night, contrasted with the sun’s glowing warmth during the bright of day promises a world where your love of the African soil is only surpassed by its unending splendour.
Being at Gariep Eco Reserve is being at peace.
Visit our farm, our home, to savour life and all the richness of Africa’s spectacular wildlife.

Gariep Eco Reserve is a working farm that offers discerned guests the opportunity to spend time in a vast expanse of unspoilt land. Our guest farm is situated at Badsfontein, near Venterstad and the Gariep Dam in the Eastern Cape.
We make sure there is minimal interference with nature through our implementation of a holistic management style.

Situated on the edge of the Karoo in the Eastern Cape, the Gannabos Guest House offers a welcome respite from the dreary road to wherever you’re going. This means instead of rushing headlong to your final destination, here you can lay your head down under the brightest of stars in the universe and wake up to the splendour of the magnificence that is the Karoo.
Refreshed to tackle the rest of your journey after a leisurely breakfast, or mood-enhancing game drive in the African veld. Witness the stunning sable, plentiful buffalo and majestic roan that make up the exotic wildlife of our sanctuary.
But you don’t have to rush at all! Spend a weekend away from the city here at Gariep Eco Reserve and let the kids experience Africa the way it should be. Or just simply come to rest. We’ll take care of the rest.