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Allemansdrift Hunting

Allemansdrift Hunting


Product Description

Allemansdrift offers varied hunting terrain from thick bush along the Orange River to typical Karoo koppie’ and flats and some productive thicketed “klowe”. For the fitter hunters, a very stony ridge is where the kudu and mountain reedbuck hide.

We have a herd of 100 blesbuck and we try to maintain that number. We also have a herd of 40 Black Wildebeest whose numbers also need maintaining.  We have normal stock fences so both Mountain Reedbuck and Kudu come and go as they please. There is no guarantee of bagging either of these species.

There are numerous strategically placed hides or blinds (see gallery) where you can sit and wait for animals when you get tired of stalking.

Accommodation is in our Lodge. We have 3 guest rooms, each with 2 single beds that share two full bathrooms. Bring your own breakfast, brunch and dinner are both special occasions.

We meet in the kitchen about one and a half hours before sunrise and everyone sorts themselves out with what they may need to keep them going until brunch. We leave the house for the hunting area promptly 1 hour before sunrise. Depending on the success or otherwise of the hunting, we generally have brunch between 11am (if hunting was slow) and 2 pm (if hunting was good). The buck hunted will be cleaned and hung up while brunch is served and the hunters have a siesta.

The afternoon hunting starts about two and a half hours before sunset and only follow-up hunting is allowed after sunset.


Dinner is a special occasion, and weather permitting, is taken outside, around the fire, on the banks of the Orange River.