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Latest News is finally here. is finally here.

Welcome to Come Hunting! We’ve been working on this for some time now and, at last, we are just about to roll out our buttress against those that would see us fail. 

When I say “us” I mean the custodians of Africa’s iconic wildlife.

When I say “custodians”, I mean the Farmers who, day in and day out, stand in harms way. They who take the risks of raising animals and growing crops that we may eat. They who are the most maligned for daring to try and mitigate their losses from predation and pests. They who single-handedly bare the financial burden of stock theft and drought. They who, despite all of the adversities, remain resolute in their conviction. The conviction that conservation is infinitely more than just saving the whales. It’s about saving ecosystems.

And, when I say “us”, I mean the humble biltong hunter.  I don’t need to go into the tradition, nay, the DNA of the hunters of Southern Africa, it is common cause.



Farmers and hunters today face significant resistance from various quarters. Organizations like PETA and their ilk. Skilled at raising substantial, dare I say obscene, amounts of money, some of which is used to slander people and communities who, in any other time in history would be revered. There are a host of others who seek to benefit in one way or another by maligning and disrupting our endeavors. Suffice to say that we, the “us” I refer to, could use a bit of a break. seeks to facilitate the break I talk of.


More details soon

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  • Tracy McCabe
    4 Aug 2020 at 3:41 pm

    Super excited to see the developments

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