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Farm owner - Frequently asked questions

  • Farmer to Hunter.
  • It is a secure incognito platform where South African and Namibian Farmers list and manage their own hunting, fishing and wingshooting opportunities to local citizen hunters who have subscribed (R300 pa)and are in good standing.
  • It is a 100% FREE platform for Farmers that is like a cross between a Yellow Pages and Airbnb.
  • Only South African and Namibian subscribers who are in good standing with are able to access your listing.
  • There is no commission paid to for your listing.

Where is the catch?

  • There is no catch. None at all. Whatever you are currently paying has to be divided by the number of animals you shoot.
  • If your current website costs you R3000 pa and you shoot 100 animals then your cost per animal is R30.00.
  • Listing on costs you nothing so that R30 per animal goes straight into your pocket.
  • Hunters would thus expect to pay less which in turn makes you more attractive as a destination.
  • Your genuinely no cost to you at all.
  • Your obligation is to the hunter, your client (and maybe the brotherhood of Farmers).
  • You owe every hunter a rating after each hunt.
  • You do.
  • Load your own information using the platform’s template.
  • Change descriptions, prices, photos, T&C’s yourself.
  • Never pay anyone to do it ever again.
  • NO!!! Hunters apply via your secure message board.
  • When you click on the hunter’s name, you will see
    • What they say about themselves.
    • Every farm they have hunted on.
    • What that Farmer said about them.
  • You deal directly with the hunter IF YOU CHOOSE TO.
  • Neither your contact number nor your email address appear anywhere on your webpage.
  • Hunters can ONLY apply via the messaging feature on your Dashboard.
  • NO!!! is NEVER involved in ANY transaction between the Hunter and the Farmer.
  • NEVER knows the Farmer’s business.
  • You can have as many listings as you need or want and they ALL cost exactly the same amount, namely ZERO.
  • Everything is controlled from your own private dashboard.
  • Only local hunters in good standing i.e. they have paid their R300.00 for that year get access to your listing.

Hunter - Frequently asked questions

  • It is a subscription platform for Hunters that is like a cross between the Yellow Pages and Airbnb.
  • Both the Hunter and the Farmer rate the other after EVERY hunt.
  • Farmers list their opportunities for free and subscribed Hunters get access to every listing.
  • Hunters pay R300 pa.
  • Get access to your own personal dashboard where you can book your hunt.
  • The only platform on the internet where hunters can be 100% sure that they know in advance what they will get when hunting on a farm you have not been to before.